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Klaim anything your little heart desires!

01 · This is a claiming community; because you are claiming these people/items/etc., does NOT mean you legally & officially own them. This is for fun.
02 · Your claims are unlimited. That's right - and you can claim whatever you want.
03 · Once something is already claimed, you cannot claim it too. It's already taken. There's no sharing.
04 · Keep the drama out of my community and members journals. This is for fun; theres tons of other communities on LJ for claiming that you can easily become a member of and claim things there also.
05 · You can come back later on and claim more. You can come back as much as you would like and claim. All I ask is that you stay a member; if you leave the community and don't join back within 3 days, your claims will be erased and WILL be up for grabs.
06 · If you have a change in usernames, make an entry and tell me.
07 · If you want to claim something that wouldn't fit in a category on the claims list, you can STILL claim it. I will add that new category onto the list.
08 · When claiming people, please put first AND last names. You can claim your friends, but make sure that both their first and last name is on your entry or else I can't add them.

That's all for now.

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